Bagni Lucia | Summer listening 
Every Wednesday in July
at Manifattura Tabacchi
and LIVE on

Bagni LUCIA is an outdoor 6-episode radio show live from Manifattura Tabacchi, a series of collective listening sessions. From June 24, on Wednesday, for six weeks, Bagni LUCIA offers our listeners italian and international radio productions and podcasts. We continue celebrating the arts and crafts of audio storytelling and we warm up for the 2nd edition of LUCIA | Radio at the movies.

Bagni LUCIA is a kind of listening summer camp, we'll share tips and favorite listenings, we'll talk with experts and practitioners. 
It will features sound pieces by Anna Raimondo, Giulia Valli, Neena Pathak, Abraham Chavelas, Gianluca Stazi & Giuseppe Casu, Felix Blume, Annie Correal & Jay Allison, Jonathan Zenti and others...

On VIMEO, you can listen (with subtitles) to LUCIA FESTIVAL 2019's program.
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