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Last november 2023 we hosted the III edition of YASS! You are so sound, a training and exchange program for producers, audio makers, sound artists - emerging or otherwise - and cultural workers interested in audio narration. Thanks to the collaboration and the support of Short Theatre in the frame of Radio That Matters, this edition opened up to investigate the relationships between performing arts, sonic agency, acoustic research, radiophony and disability.

Featuring Lucia Scazzocchio, Kristina Loring, Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd e Raymond Antrobus.



Now available ONLINE you can watch or re-watch the entire series.
The videos are available to everyone, for free. 

Lucia Scazzocchio 

A Field Guide to Social Broadcasting

Kristina Loring
How do you make audio palpable?

Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd
Nothing about us without us

21 Novembre, ore 17.00
Raymond Antrobus

The Word. Spoken. Written. Signed. Conceived.


YASS! 2023 is part of the sound training programme on acoustic-perfomative formats and research provided by Radio That Matters and devoted to project partners and other cultural operators. YASS! 2023 is possible thanks to the collaboration with Short Theatre in the frame of Radio That Matters - an initiative funded by the European Union - and the support of Comune di Firenze and Fondazione CR Firenze. 

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