Benjamin | Selected Sounds and Winners


We have listened to over 90 sounds, we have selected 50: sonic incursions that will take us to Japan, along rivers and lakeside, in the rain, among the crowds of a Middle Eastern market, on pastures in the high mountains, in Sicily, on imaginary buses, in Zimbabwe and then in Iceland ... We are amazed, amused, relaxed, they made us travel where we have never been and we can't wait for you to hear them all in Florence, along the tramway!


The selected soundworks are by: Anaïs Nisimov, Anna Raimondo, Aurore Balsa, Balam Ronan, Charo Calvo, Chelidon Frame, Radio Continental Drift, Dinah Bird, Felix Blume & Chloé Despax, Francesco Ameglio, Giovanni Corona, Hagai Izenberg, Giulio Aldinucci, Jeanne Debarsy, Jérémie Faivre, Jez riley French, Luana Lunetta, La cosa preziosa, Maria Pecchioli, Massimo Ricciardo & Luca Morino, Pheobe riley Law, Roberto Paci Dalò, Toni Dimitrov, Vacuamoenia, Valeria Muledda and Valerio Orlandini.


The winners of the first edition of Benjiam Call for Soundworks are Radio Continental Drift with Taxi take me home and Giovanni Corona with π.


A special mention goes to Anna Raimondo for Myriam Said, Felix Blume & Chloé Despax for Bus Imaginario and to Dinah Bird for Waiting in the Wings.


Next October 2019, on the occasion of the festival, the works will be published on Radio Papesse's Archive > SONORA.
Thanks to the artists who shared their sound journeys with Radio Papesse!!


Last but not least, Radio Papesse collaborates with Canadian 60 Secondes Radio. Last May we humbly took part into the 60sec Radio Awards, by contributing for the 4° prize. We're happy to share that Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller won it! His soundwork Música para el viaje will be also featured. 



[Image: Jeanne Debarsy. Photo by Ecaterina Vidick]
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