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Ends & Entries are fifteen 7-minutes sound pieces specially made for the radio by international sound artists about five cities: Liverpool, Marseille, Gdansk, Napoli and Istanbul, as part of the 'Cities on the edge' partnership. The project is curated by Radio Grenouille, a cultural radio station in Marseille, in the frame of its residency in Liverpool'08 at the end of November 2008.

The project is about the cities. All these cities are "ends" and "entries" of Europe, big ports, with a long history, more open to the international side than integrated to their own countries, of mixed population, industrial cities on decline that tend to take a second breath with culture.
It was decided to work on traditional music, food and migration; how music and food are cultural markers of identity; two things that we all carry with ourselves and share or mix with whatever we find in the place we are.

In each city, artists who live or work there deal with the subject and present their own perception of the city through the chosen thematics using their own expressivity through sound.
The artists invited are:

Roberto Paci Dalò, Olivier Féraud and Soundbarrier Collective for Napoli;
Chris Watson, Alan Dunn and Vergil Sharkya’ for Liverpool;
Chantal Dumas, Laure Maternati and Thomas Lippens for Marseille;
Burcin Elmas, Deniz Kologlu and Batur Sönmez for Istanbul;
Krzysztof Topolski aka Arszyn, Adam Witkowski and Wojciech Kucharczyk aka The Complainer for Gdansk.

Radio Papesse is going to broadcast the entire series, from today till the 27th of November, everyday at 17:00 p.m. We will also podcast the pieces, one at week, every wednesday.

Several others radio stations of the Radia Network will also broadcast the whole series: Açik Radyo (Istanbul), Polskie Radio Gda?sk, BBC Radio Merseyside (Liverpool) + The RADIA Network: Resonance (London, UK), Rádio Zero (Lisboa, PT), SounDart Radio (Dartington, UK), free103point9 (New York City, USA), Radio Corax (Halle, DE), Radio X (Frankfurt, DE), Radio Campus & Radio Panik(Brussels, BE), Orange (Vienna, AT) + Radio Afera(Poznan, PL) (show Audiosfera), Unisound Webradio (Salerno, IT).

FUORI DENTRO (7’09") - Olivier Féraud
At first there is rain as a Neapolitan anti-cliché, that makes us hesitate: go out and get wet or stay dry inside? Fuori Dentro is a study about permeability of inner and outer (public/private spaces).

"Istanbul inside Me" is a sound postcard that doesn’t show only one side of the city. "... It is like everybody is perched on a mountain of garbage, stamping one’s feet without caring of smells. We’re dancing without hearing the music."

MEAT & POTATOES (7’01") - Arszyn
This is an evocation of Gdansk from a balcony in the city. It is mixed with the artist’s memories of a typical dish that fed his childhood, whose recipe has influenced the composition of Meat & Potatoes.

Two men are in a bar at sea on the evening of Sunday 31st October 1999, sitting by a slowed down piano recalling all the melodies they can that started life on the shores of Liverpool. Fifty raucously darkening earworms that make them drift further out to sea.

MARSEILLE 1993 (6’42") - Chantal Dumas
In 1993 the Olympique de Marseille won the European Cup of football, Pavarotti performed at the opera and Chantal Dumas lived in Marseilles. It was the time before mobile phones. Marseille 1993 is something like a retro science-fiction documentary.

NIGHTLIFE -7’00- Chris Watson
An evening and night in October in Liverpool. However Nightlife also represents the much longer cycle of thousands of years when this current city will decay into the landscape whilst the sounds of the water and wildlife are sustained.

NAPOLI REMIXED (7’01") - Roberto Paci Dalò
With Napoli Remixed Roberto continues his permanent exploration of the city that started more than 15 years ago. Now he says he’s "experiencing the city from inside" and that "it is not an easy task".

FOOTBALL MAMAN (6’31") - Laure Maternati
Not a text, not even a sentence. Two words. Football Maman is a kind of poem which is dedicated to be exported and touch the cities in contention. (Improvisation with Claire Colin-Collin.)

WITH THE OLD BLECHTROMMEL (7’00") - Wojciech Kucharczyk aka The Complainer
With the old Blechtrommel embraces the memories of the artist’s emotional first trip to Gdansk in 1993, while being on the locations of "The Tin-Drum". (With Asia Bronislawska, Grazyna Tomaszewska, Kasia and Jacek Michalowski)

ISTANBUL IN SYNC (6’59") - Burcin Elmas
Catched like by a narrow opening, Istanbul in Sync is a glimpse of the city. Little by little the everyday sounds of the city have combined into new rhythms and melodies through the filter of the observer.

SCOUSE SCOUSE -7’03- Vergil Sharkya’
A bit like the "mise en abyme" of a dish with its recipe, Scouse Scouse deals of the typical dish of Liverpool ("scouse") and of the Liverpudlian accent ("scouse"). (With voices of Sharon Keogh, Joey Zeb, Mike Fields, John Cotgreave)

LO.FI.SHIP.YARD (7’00") - Adam Witkowski
The Gdansk shipyard is being dismantled. Lo.fi.ship.yard approaches with noise the biggest monument of Polish contemporary History that is going to its end.

In the same way we use the virus to make the vaccine, Call of Istanbul in the noises, from the Noiseistanbul project, intends to make us realize the noises of the city by experiencing them.

MARRIT CANTAÏRE (6’08") - Thomas Lippens
In a Provençal song, the man declares he’s going to board in Marseilles since his girl doesn’t love him any more. When he comes back, the girl will have married a richer man who’ll support her better than him, that "bad singer" (marrit cantaïre).

7 POINTS OF VIEW ABOUT NAPLES (BECOMING TO THE SEA) (7’00") - Soundbarrier (Pasquale Napolitano, Alessandro Inglima, Pier Giuseppe Mariconda, Mimmo Napolitano, Mario Gabola)
7 atmospheres of Naples of 7 minutes each have been modulated by computer basing on the model of the sea waves in the port of the city.

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