Manifesta8 - Moving to Murcia and Cartagena

Radio Papesse in Spain


After the hectic liverpudlian week - you may find online the first five interviews to Alfredo Jaar, Laura Belem, Tim Eitel, Freee Collective and Cristina Lucas - it's time for Murcia & Cartagena, where Manifesta, the roaming European biennial, has landed this year for its 8th edition.

If two years ago it took place in Trentino, in the very North of Italy, it is now going South and waving to Africa through a series of debates and projects that aim to analize the complexity of both borderlands dynamics and of the relations between the two continents.

The three curatorial collectives are Chamber of Public Secrets, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum and

Aside our usual interviews, Radio Papesse is collaborating with Chamber of Public Secrets, whose proposal is very much concerned with an articulated involvement of local media. We are going to re-stream all the radio-productions curated by CPS. Among the artists-radio producers, to name a few, Kaled Hafez and Ralf Homann. 

Stay Tuned!

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