You are all invited to the fifth and last public talk with the artists of Nuovi Paesaggi. Next monday it will be Laura Malacart's turn. 

The project Voicings was born to unveil the social and linguistic barriers, very often hidden in the process of another language acquisition: when people try to negotiate their new existence, to inhabit a different language, to be in a different culture. 
In order to do that, Laura Malacart engages two groups of people who never meet: a group of migrants attending italian classes and a group of classically trained actors.

Since the first english stage of Voicings (2007-2009), the methodology has been updated on the occasion of Nuovi Paesaggi and specifically in the socio-linguistic context of Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI) where the artist has been working with a few groups of foreign speakers out of the more fifty diverse ethnic groups living in the area. 

Voicings (Italy) is a work dealing with the socio-normative connotations of language, with the linguistic error, with the incompatibility and incongruity between the material body uttering or writing I and the linguistic subject "I" who must confront and master the structure of a language in order to negotiate a new social sphere to belong to. 

Together with the artist we will try to understand this gap, through both visual and aural devices, taking a clue from the notion of ventriloquial object, recently developed by Laura Malacart in the article Voicings: a Ventriloquial Strategy to Politicise the Space Between Speaker and the Scripted Utterance published on The New Soundtrack journal (Edimburg University Press).


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