For those of you who won't be around Florence and don't want to miss the two sessions of collective listening, scheduled next December 6th and 7th and that will conclude the residency program New Landscapes | Sound Stories from Tuscany, it will be possible to listen to the five sound piece - produced by Viv Corringham, Mikhail Karikis, Laura Malacart, Davide Tidoni and Allen S. Weiss - online, on clicking on the ascolta button, from 7.00 pm onward both thursday 6th and friday December 7th. 

December 6th 2012, Rome Time
7.00 pm | The show begins...
7.05 pm | Viv Corringham, Shadow walk (Florence)
7.40 pm | Davide Tidoni, The new shape of public architecture
8.30 pm | Mikhail Karikis, Song for Larderello: Ouverture

December 7th 2012
7.00 pm | The show begins...
7.05 pm | Allen S. Weiss, Carmignano
7.55 pm | Laura Malacart, Voicings (Italy)

NUOVI PAESAGGI IN SAO PAOLO! we are very excited to announce that the entire Nuovi Paesaggi series is going to be streamed and broadcasted by Knut Aufermann and Sara Washington's MOBILE RADIO in Sao Paolo, Brasil. Mobile Radio takes part into the 30th SAO PAOLO BIENNIAL and it will transmit the five sound works both locally and internationally: around the clock in the exhibition hall, online and in the Sao Paolo area thanks to a few local radio partners. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! Next December 8th, from 10.30 am (Sao Paolo time, 12.30 London time).

Enjoy the listening, invite your friends to join you, spread the word!

The music that accompanies Radio Papesse's voices is from the amazing album Uyuni by homonymous band from Rimini, Italy, produced by Tafuzzy Record

Press Release | New Landscapes | listenings from Tuscany Download 
Poster Download.  

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