Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Each week we select few Pepite and highlight them into our free from streaming.

New year, new golden nuggets in Radio Papesse's streaming. We begin our new series with an eclectic mix: this year first tips look back in time, to sounds that have been published some times ago and that we think are still deserving attentive listening.

Bows and Arrows
I've Witnessed

by FaravelliRatti

The musical duo formed by Attila Faravelli and Nicola Ratti works on the physical space of sound by creating music from the encounter of digital and analogic through prepared speakers. These two soundworks are taken from the album Lieu, published in 2010 from the folks at Boring Machines.

Gilgarath Arises
by Absolute Value of Noise & Lori Wiedenhammer.

This golden nugget is taken from a cd published in 2008 by Absolute Value of Noise and Lori Wiedenhammer. It collects the sounds of the installation/performance The Laughing Dress inspired by the mermaid Melusine.

Exit Dream.
by Apart

Apart's music isn't particularly experimental but we think it deserves a closer listen and some of our time to get lost in Francis M.Gris's sounds. This work was published by Krisali Sound.


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