Pepite 26 - Listen to Susanna Bolle on WBZC

Season Two


Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Each week we select few Pepite and highlight them into our free from streaming.

What's in this week pocket? We have been chasing sounds that could catch ours ears and surprise us; and this time we decided to create a 'monographic' playlist dedicated not to one artist but to one radio show we do love: Rare Frequency.

Rare Frequency is a radio show, podcast, and website devoted to experimental, electronic, improv, noise, avant-pop, and other unusual music - that is their headline - but what we do enjoy the most about Rare Frequency is the constant research for the unusual and unexpected that the producer and creator of the show Susanna Bolle does on the frequencies of WBZC.

Basically our weekly sound tip is: LISTEN to THE SHOW!! Nice discoveries can be made...And here is something we discovered via Rare Frequency that made it into our streaming:

by Felix Kubin

Bird of Parallax
by Daphne Oram

Paly Skip Stop
by Puyo Puyo.


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