Re-design our sounds! we need your help

Submit your works, deadline Sept. 30, 2010


Would you like to contribute re-designing our sonic IDs?
Have you ever thought on how to make a jingle and a liner different?
Please help us collect things you've never heard and you've always wanted to hear, produce them yourself!

We're inviting producers and musicians to create all the sonic IDs they could think of for Radio Papesse: all those jingles, liners, teasers you'd like to listen on a webradio dedicated to contemporary art and culture...we'd like to hear them!

Here the messages we invite you to work on:
- want to listen more? go to our website and visit the archive
- do you like what you hear? help us keeping it going: visit our website and discover how to sustain us clicking on the SOSTIENI button
- radio papesse - art to hear
- radio papesse - art to be heard
- radio papesse : help us producing the shows, pledge now!

and remember: radio papesse streams worldwide! speak your language!



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