Revolutionary Sound - Call for soundworks


Radio Papesse, in collaboration with the Festival della Creatività - is inviting radio producers, composers and sound geek to submit compositions and soundworks on the theme of revolution and its sonic dimension. What's the sound of revolution?

Revolutionary Sound is part of [FreeQuencies], a special project within the Festival della Creatività, dedicated to those radio that have played a key role as tools of community strangle and comunication in conflicts and revolutions. An exhibit within the festival as well as a meeting point for the debate.

In other words, Revolutionary Sound invites to reflect on those movements and people who have fueled winds of change in political,economical, social, cultural, musical and religious contests. We will prioritise narrative, inedited works that use archival materials. 

The pieces we will love the most will be selected and publicly broadcasted on Radio Papesse and at the exhibit venue, during the days of the Festival. They will also enter into the Radio Papesse sound archive. The winner of the contest will be invited to partecipate in the panel, organized by Radio Papesse, on sound archives and their use and re-use in sound art and radioart.  

A listening session curated by Radio Papesse with Marco Parente (that will play some extracts from "Il Rumore dei Libri" and from Elytra sound archive) and Daniela Cascella, music and art critic.
Firenze, Fortezza da Basso, Polveriera, October, 26th, 2008. 02.30 p.m. 

The selected works will be published under Creative Commons Licence 

1. Pieces should be submitted as Mp3 audio files via the Radio Papesse dropbox.
2. Multiple works may be submitted, however, each work must be accompanied by an info document (DOC, PDF, TXT) with a short biography and program notes;
3. Deadline: 6 october 2008


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