We are glad to forward you the invitation to Sonic Somatic running next week, from October 5th to 8th  in Novili, a peripheral neighborhood in Florence. Spanning from sound installations to listening sessions and performances, the feltival is devoted to the interactions between the visual arts and the experimental music production. 



On Thursday October 5th, Radio Papesse is contributing a live dj set by Pietro Michi, following our ongoing collaboration for Rust, a panoramic journey throughout the last twenty years of noise, following its morphosis into more mainstream music. The day after, on friday evening, at 7.30 pm we will be running a listening session dedicated to a selection of soundworks investigating and narrating urban voids, post-industrial and post-rural sites, public spaces and social architectures. 

The events are free, you might just need to book in advance some of them.
Check the full program online, on FB

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