We are overly excited to share with you all a great news: Radio Papesse is moving into a new house, Villa Romana, in Florence.

We will be keeping on with our job, by treasuring our past at the Palazzo delle Papesse, our colleagues’ and patrons’ friendship and teachings. We thank them all for having been on our side in the many years in Siena. Villa Romana’s invitation make us happy and we super positive about the forthcoming projects and dialogues we are sure we will be establishing thanks to the many artists, curators and professionals living, working, passing by at Villa Romana and in Florence.

As usual we keep our doors open for collaboration and partnership, wherever Radio Papesse expertise will be needed. To settle in this amazing new home will make things for us easier.

Thanks to Angelika Stepken and her team here at Villa Romana!

Come and visit us!

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