YASS! 2021 masterclasses are available online


Last May 2021, the first edition of the YASS! masterclasses programme began.

This year we are working on getting back online soon with the most interesting voices in audio storytelling, but in the meantime, if you want to watch last year's lectures, you can find them HERE.

What does it mean to write with sound? How can we go beyond verbal narration? How do you blend fiction and non-fiction to tell a true story? How can sensitive materials be used ethically? Are personal stories political? 

Each masterclass takes us behind the scenes of phenomenal audio productions, and we've learnt a lot by listening to Ann HeppermannCatalina May & Martin CruzBrit JensenCharo CalvoAxel Kacoutié and Maartje Duin [the last two lectures were organised in collaboration with Oorzaken Festival, Amsterdam].

YASS! is a project by Radio Papesse and Lucia Festival


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