YASS! Digital Masterclass Program

With Helen Zaltzman, Mitra Kaboli, Félix Blume, Sara de Monchy e Nanna Hauge Kirstensen. 


Radio Papesse & Lucia Festival present

A series of online talks to go behind the scenes of audio production
with exceptional sound artists and producers

NOV 10th | Helen Zaltzman Boring interesting
NOV 17th | Mitra Kaboli Welcome to Provincetown 
DEC 1st | Felix Blume Listening to other(s)
DEC 9th | Sara de Monchy • How to make exiting youth audio
DEC 10th | Nanna Hauge Kristensen Loss, rain and listening as an act of intimacy





YASS! You are so sound is a training and exchange program for producers, audio makers and sound artists - emerging or not - who have a proven track record in audio storytelling; it provides them with competences and resources to advance their projects and careers.

The series allows participants to discover and listen to peers from different latitudes, traditions, languages... and discover with them methodologies and insights for sound creation. Each masterclass will provide them with tools and behind-the-scenes perspectives to discover how others work and learn from good practice. 


The 2022 edition of YASS! features Helen Zaltzman, Mitra Kaboli, Félix Blume, Sara de Monchy and Nanna Hauge Kristensen. 


(Almost) everything you want to know about YASS!
If you can't find what  you're looking for here, write to yass@radiopapesse.org

How do I register for the masterclasses?

Up to 30 people may take part in each masterclass. If the seats in the masterclass(es) you have decided to attend are sold out, please send an email to yass@radiopapesse.org with the following subject line: Waiting list + Masterclass name.

How much do the masterclasses cost?

€5 per lesson, €20 for the entire program.
YASS! is free of charge for all students who can prove they are enrolled in the current year.

We would have liked to keep the series free of charge, but we ask you for a small contribution to cover organizational costs. The value of what we’ll share is much higher, we know that as much as you do. We always strive to ensure that our content and activities are accessible, also economically, to the community with which we share our profession and passion for audio. But we also have to think about the sustainability of what we do - Radio Papesse is a non-profit cultural association - and for free is never cost free for us… 

What are the requirements for participation?

YASS! is a programme designed  for authors, artists and audio producers, but also for those who want to fine tune their own voice and better know tools and techniques. Participants in the masterclasses must have at least a basic knowledge of audio production. Participants must have a good knowledge of English.


Where do the masterclasses take place?

YASS! masterclasses take place online (Félix Blume, Mitra Kaboli e Helen Zaltzman) while Sara de Monchy’s e Nanna Hauge Kirstensen’s classes will be both virtual and live in Florence. All participants will be sent detailed instructions and a private link to access the streaming.


Helen Zaltzman | Boring Interesting

When: November 10th, 6 pm (CET)
Where: online
For how long: < 2 hours
N. participants: 30 people max.

Not all audio stories are personal; not all are emotional.
The Allusionist is a show about language, so the stories belong to hundreds, millions, even billions of people, some currently alive, some of whom may have been dead for 2,000 years. The purpose of the show is not to showcase an individual's lived experience, but to make the depersonalised relevant to whichever person is listening, whether it is as devastating as the oppression of people via language, or as dry and dispassionate as indefinite hyperbolic numerals. How do you carve a narrative from such a gigantic, idiosyncratic, sprawling mess as language, then make something so complex into an easily digestible 25-minute entertainment podcast for all ages and knowledge backgrounds?

Helen Zaltzman is a multiple award-winning podcast host and producer. She is entirely self-taught and works mostly alone, usually from bed. Her linguistics entertainment podcast The Allusionist covers topics ranging from oppressed language and queer history, to protest cakes and weird facts about falcons. The live theatrical spin-off has appeared on stages around the world. Answer Me This, the comedy show she began with Olly Mann in 2007, was one of Britain's longest-running and most successful independent podcasts, ran for 400 episodes and nearly 15 years. She founded the Podcasters' Support Group on Facebook to provide a home for all podcasters' most tedious questions about microphones and hosting sites.


Mitra Kaboli | Behind the scenes of Welcome to Provincetown

When: November 17th, 6.00 PM (CET)
Where: online
For how long: < 2 hours
N. participants: 30 people max.

In 2021, when Ben Riskin - one of the founders of Room Tone – asked her to work on a series about Provincetown, Mitra Kaboli did not expect to move there for the whole summer. Too good to be true. And yet… PTown - the Massachusetts beach town best known for its popularity in the LGBTQ+ community - welcomed her. 

Welcome to Provincetown is a series somewhere between the immediacy of a reality show and the multifaceted depth of the best documentaries: it is an extraordinary example of how a distinctive auteur like Mitra Kaboli can put herself at the service of other people's stories in order to sketch a portrait that is ultimately and exquisitely collective. In this behind-the-scenes review of Welcome to Provincetown, Mitra Kaboli will talk about the challenges and choices that have accompanied her over this past year of work.

Mitra Kaboli is an award-winning audio documentarian and multimedia artist who has been working professionally in radio and podcasting since 2012. Her work has been featured on The Heart, NPR’s Latino USA, Making Contact, ESPN’s 30 for 30 and Audible Productions. Currently, she is the host of the critically acclaimed podcast Welcome to Provincetown.


Felix BlumeListening to the other(s)

When: December 1st, 6.00 PM
Where: online
For how long: < 2 hours
N. participants: 30 people max.

More than sound, listening is the central point of Felix Blume’s work: listening as a way to relate to others, to meet and learn from the other(s). Revisiting previous projects, such as his audio piece Los gritos de México – which earned him the “Pierre Schaeffer” Prize at Phonurgia Nova Festival 2015 – and the 2019 film Curupira, creature of the woods, he will delve into the collaborative approach of his practice and talk about his relationship with listening.

Félix Blume is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico, Brazil and France. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities, using public space as the context within which he explores and presents his works. He is interested in myths and their contemporary interpretation, in human dialogues both with inhabited natural and urban contexts, in what voices can tell beyond words. His sound pieces have been broadcast on radios all over the world, and he has participated in international festivals and exhibitions including Rotterdam IFF (2021), Berlinale (2019), Thailand Biennale (2018), CENTEX Chile (2017), CTM Berlin (2017), Fonoteca Nacional Mexico (2016), LOOP Barcelona (2015) and Tsonami Arte Sonoro Chile (2015, 2018).


Sara de Monchy | How to make exiting youth audio

When: December 9th, 5.45pm (CET)
Where: online and in Florence
For how long: 75 min.
N. participants: 30 people max.

Sara de Monchy is a theater and podcast director. She graduated from the Royal Theatre Academy in Maastricht, and has several successful theater productions to her credit. Her love for fantasy, audio and theater comes together in her well acclaimed podcast Sara’s Mysteries, in which she solves mysteries with kids: who is the owner of that creepy little shed, where is my dog who suddenly disappeared, and what is hidden in the basement of my school? The podcast was nominated for different prizes and is a binge worthy ritual for many Dutch families!

In this interactive workshop, with the help of raw material, failed and successful scenes, Sara retraces the steps she took as she created Sara’s Mysteries. We discover the importance of ‘excitement’ for youth, how to get into the head of elusive 11-year-olds and how to make them talk freely about their biggest questions. We discover where you really can’t get away with making audio for children, and why ‘the car’ is a returning location in Sara’s Mysteries. After this workshop, you will have a fresh ground for creating your own podcast for children!


Nanna Hauge Kristensen Loss, rain and listening as an act of intimacy

When: December 10th, 2.30pm (CET)
Where: online and in Florence
For how long: < 2 hours
N. participants: 30 people max.

A central aspect of audio making is listening. For Nanna Hauge Kristensen, listening entails a bodily attentiveness - an attunement to the Other, it creates a space where openness and exchanges can unfold. Her audio pieces often revolve around loss and beginnings, and her work moves across anthropology, documentarism and art. In her sonic explorations of lifeworlds and atmospheres, she seeks to cultivate a deep ethnographic listening: “What attracts me - Nanna says - both as an audio maker and a listener, are the intimate, sensory, and open-ended representations of the complex world that we share.” For this masterclass, she will invite us into her practice, sharing examples of her work, and offering some reflections on listening as a creative method.

Nanna Hauge Kristensen is an audio producer and anthropologist based in Copenhagen. Her work has won several international awards, including the Third Coast International Audio Award for Best Foreign Documentary.






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