I Ching | Sync Transformations and Actions

a conversation with Silvia Del Conte


"...when we tune into this ternary system of sky - human being - earth, when we synchronize our thought with our emotion and our action, we broadcast a kind of wi-fi signal to attract like a magnet, experiences that vibrate at the same frequency. When my signal is not coherent, I don't have the same strength to attract, in my field, something precise. It seems like things aren't happening but in reality they are all there. We need to understand and learn how to tune us, in order to attract what is resonating with us". [Silvia Del Conte]

As part of her project Plotting the Urban Body Firenze, Maria Pecchioli met and talked with Silvia Del Conte, an expert in Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine. They talked about creation and transformation, about the relationship between humanbeings and their world, action, synchronicity and the possibility of non-action. They did so starting from the I Ching, the Book of Changes, the divinatory tool that, by aligning to the laws of transformation, helps to read the present, to be aware of it in order to better direct one's actions. 

We are sorry this conversation is only in Italian. If any enquires, please, send us a mail to info@radiopapesse.org.

Ideogram of Change | Chameleon

Silvia Del Conte has a law degree. She has lived in Nepal and in China where she graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Beijing in 2016. She has been practicing and teaching Taiji Quan, Qi Gong and Yoga for more than twenty years and she is a consultant in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and constitutional map analysis through the study of the eight pillars of Chinese metaphysics.


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