Lorenzo Fusi and Naeem Mohaiemen have worked side by side to curate and set the show System Error: War is a force that gives us meaning up. Featuring the artwork of more than forty international artists working in video, music, comics, flash animation, print, sculpture, installation, collage, t-shirts, and various other media, the show explores the response of artists to the current period of expanded and endless wars, both and intense cross-border battles, and the quiet violence of disappearances.
The curators set out to explore this fundamental question: if war is universally opposed, why do new conflicts keep breaking out? Is there an addiction to warfare in the human psyche? Has it become a drug we cannot quit? These and many other questions regarding the nature of soft conflict; the allure of flags, national anthems and nationalism; and pop culture’s fascination with bloody violence are explored in this show.

We had the chance to talk with Palazzo delle Papesse curator Lorenzo Fusi. Here there are some notes and comments on the group show. 


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