BorderSounds - Sounds from the border

In collaboration with Fabbrica Europa 2007


In collaboration with Fabbrica Europa in Florence, Radio Papesse is pleased to launch a public call for sound works. This call is open to radio producers, sound artists, podcasters and any kind of sound geeks. There are no time, language or genre restrictions. Productions could be soundscapes, documentaries, readings, fiction...

The only bound is the theme: BorderSounds – Sounds from the Border.
Fabbrica Europa 2007 focuses on the European unconfigurable boundaries: territory, language, culture, symbols and geography. Recent history, fluxes and events that constantly redesign the European human geography.

The shortlisted sound pieces are produced by: Martin Bedard, Geoff Soule, al:arm!, Marco Dibeltulu, Michele Martini, Massimiliano Locandro, Stella Saladino, Nark Bkb.

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