Buffering Sounds - The Buffer Zone

A listening room at The American Academy in Rome


Radio Papesse has been invited to curate a special project - a listening room - within The Buffer Zone, an exibhit that is going to be opened from April the 3rd to June the 3rd. The Buffer Zone is an exhibition - curated by Cecilia Canziani e Lexi Eberspacher - that investigates the role of art in creating or identifying communities within an institution. National cultural institutions aim at representing a threshold between cultures – the hosting country and the guest country. They often become a place of representation of national identity for the community in which interests and habits are commonly known and shared by its members.
Favoring collaboration, process-based work-group activities, and workshops, The Buffer Zone invites the involved artists and the public to consider the American Academy as a context rather than a location and to rething together a different relationship between the institution and the communities.


From those premises Radio Papesse has selected four soundworks that deal with the concept of threshold, that explore and document fisical places of political, cultural, religious, interaction or isolation.


The selected artists are Martin Bedard, Ann Hepperman, Kara Oehler & Jason Cady, Davide Tidoni, James Webb.


Martin Bédard - Check-point
duration: 14' 14"
nation: Canada
date: 2004

Check-point is first-and-foremost a metaphor for night. A statement between reality and fiction. It depicts possible locations, convincing landscapes. A piece based on the dialectic of time and space. Check-point is a series of crystallized moments leading to the final destination. A point you cannot go beyond.

Ann Hepperman, Kara Oehler & Jason Cady - Chorus of Refuge
duration: 6' 37"
nation: USA
date: 2008

Chorus of Refuge is a sound installation that transmits the stories of six refugees,living in different cities across the U.S. to six radios. The voices of the refugees are superimposed and coordinated in both rhythm and tonality to unite their narratives of struggle, survival and triumph. This sound installation was created in collaboration with Free103point9 (now Wave Farm), as part of the Wave Farm Artist Residency.


Davide Tidoni - I conigli più veloci siete voi!
duration: 8' 33"
nation: Italia
date: 2001/2009

I conigli più veloci siete voi! is part of a wider research that takes the premises out of the acustic environment of the stadium. Behavior patterns, listening models and acoustic behaviors of the supporters - and in particolar of the “Brescia 1911 Curva Nord” supportes’ group - are under the lens.

I conigli più veloci siete voi! is a panoramic field recording of the pre-match and of the beginning of the match Brescia-Lazio (April 3rd, 2001). As the public enters the stadium, the space fills up, the borders become anthropized and are inhabited. Withdrawing behind borders becomes an act of identity; to inhabit the borders, to resist and to cross them is an act of life


James Webb - Le Marché Oriental
duration: 2' 26
nation: South Africa
date: 2008

A two-minute intervention inside Cape Town’s disused 'Oriental Plaza', an Apartheid-era shopping mall designed to control Indian trade. On the 4th day of Ramadan, 2008, Sheikh Mogamat Moerat of District Six’s Zeenatul Islam Majid mosque was invited to sing the Adhan (call to prayer) inside the empty remains of the building a few weeks prior to its demolition to make way for luxury apartments.



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