LUCIA is a three-day international festival dedicated to the craft of audio storytelling in radio and podcasting.

LUCIA celebrates the art and craft of non-visual storytelling: the festival highlights some of the most extraordinary examples in recent audio production. 

LUCIA is about listening to extraordinary audio narratives together with their creators  and producers along with international artists and podcasters. 

LUCIA is sounds and voices, collective stories and intimate tales, documentary and fiction, tradition and experimentation. 


LUCIA is not only radio at the movies but also lectures, performances, podcasts live, workshops for aspiring and professional podcasters, and labs for kids. 

LUCIA takes place in Florence, December 12th-14th with:

Audiocollectief Schik, Ariana Martinez, Andrea Borgnino, Daria Corrias, Eleanor McDowall, Emily Kennedy, Fallon Mayanja, Isabel Vazquez, Jonathan Zenti, Katharina Smets, Maya Goldberg-Safir, Matteo Bennici, Jess Shane, Janna Graham, Laura Romero & André Cunha, Neil Sandell, Francesca Berardi..

Open your ears!

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